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Research & Investment Strategy

The world’s factory in COVID-19: Can China secure its supply chain kingdom?

The Chinese economy has faced dramatic challenges over the past two years. The US/China trade war and the COVID-19 pandemic have delivered short-term shocks and left lingering long-term questions una ...


What won’t be in the strategy review

The divergence between a decisive Fed and a more hesitant ECB is an interesting debate but it hides the fact that on both sides of the Atlantic monetary policy through its traditional transmission ch ...


Holidays over for policymakers

The announcement of more fiscal stimulus contrasts with the emergence of disciplinarian noises here and there. The debate on tax hikes in the UK reflects idiosyncratic stress as the probability of no ...


Pushing with a longer string

The European covid relapse is a concern, but the US example suggests the pandemic can be curbed with less mobility loss than in March/April.


Beyond the deal

Comments may focus this week on a deeper recession in Europe than in the US in Q2, but the opposite picture is emerging for Q3

Research & Investment Strategy

July Investment Strategy - And after the summer?

Europe has been enjoying a rare moment of outperformance recently.


Waiting for the parachute to open

Given Europe’s still daunting economic challenges ahead, long-haul “federal” fiscal support is crucial. Unfortunately, we are still waiting for the outcome of the Recovery and Resiliance Fund negotia ...


Macrocast Podcast #16 - Fiscal forward guidance needed


Fiscal forward guidance needed

The US handling of the covid pandemic continues to be our main focus.