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30 de marzo de 2020

Mutualise or Trust the Printing Press

Our baseline of a 2 to 3% shock to GDP may be optimistic given the time it takes for lockdowns to curb the epidemic, especially when taking on board the the hesitant approach favoured by some key cou ...

Research & Investment Strategy

26 de marzo de 2020

March Investment Strategy - Preparing the recovery

The extension of the covid-19 pandemic is forcing a growing number of countries into “lockdowns”, which will have a very significant impact on economic activity since the worst-hit sectors (restauran ...


23 de marzo de 2020

Relative speed

Focus last week was on the policy response and we will explore this in the next sections, but let’s first assess the damage already quantifiable.


17 de marzo de 2020

The economics of lockdowns

“Lockdowns” are becoming the norm when dealing with covid-19. They will trigger steep – if hopefully transitory – contractions in GDP.


9 de marzo de 2020

In need of new coordinates

With 6,387 cases reported to the WHO as we write these lines on Sunday, the infection rate (cases/total population) in Italy is almost twice as large as in China (0.1 per 1,000 against 0.058), assumi ...

Macro insights

6 de marzo de 2020

COVID-19 : Understanding the impact on investments

Given the impact the coronavirus has had on markets so far, the short-term outlook remains very uncertain, particularly around when the virus infection rate will peak.


2 de marzo de 2020

Trying to think beyond the trough

The first macro data on China reflecting the state of the economy since the start of the epidemic is trickling in and the collapse in the official composite Purchasing Management Index in February, t ...

Research & Investment Strategy

27 de febrero de 2020

February Investment Strategy - Central bank put, again…

Twice in 10 days the Chinese authorities have changed the way new Covid-19 cases are counted in Hubei, which means that most of the “epidemic projection” exercises, which have been so popular in the ...


24 de febrero de 2020

Plan B, C, D...,Z

We started our Macrocast last week with the news that the Chinese authorities had changed the way new covid-19 cases are counted in Hubei, and we would need to start with the same point today, with a ...