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Is there life after PEPP?

The European Central Bank (ECB) governing council is busy preparing the next phase of its monetary policy when, in all likelihood, announcing in December


Second guessing the second-round effects

We think the bar for the Fed NOT to announce a taper in November is high and has not been reached despite the disappointing payroll report for November.


Magic Money Tree Worship

Our baseline is that economic and electoral rationality will prevail and that the various factions within the Democratic Party



The results of the German federal elections point to a lengthy negotiation process


Dosage Adjustment

A cluster of disappointing data suggest the Chinese economy is slowing down significantly, and it is starting to show in European exports.


Wind of change?

As the Merkel era is drawing to a close, we take a look at some key macroeconomic challenges ahead for Germany


Pandemic Guerilla

Even if it may be a “blip” the disappointing figures for US job creation in August validates Powell’s prudence

7 minute read

Keeping cards close to the chest

After the vertiginous growth of the first half of 2021, some “digestion phase” was always to be expected in the US but some macro indicators point to some “organic” downside forces as well, amid the ...


Sisyphus Happy?

We review the latest instalment of the “debt ceiling drama”, the spread of the “delta variant” and the European Central Bank (ECB)’s new forward guidance.