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Bonds back better?

If economists are right, 2022 will be the second year of well above trend nominal GDP growth.

Lo que los inversores necesitan saber sobre la economía limpia


Is there life after PEPP?

The European Central Bank (ECB) governing council is busy preparing the next phase of its monetary policy when, in all likelihood, announcing in December

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Bad, worse or just dandy

At some point, higher inflation could provoke a tightening of monetary policy that is beyond what is priced into markets.

Fixed income

Tapering isn’t lift-off

As the global economic recovery widens, attention is clearly turning to when and how central banks will begin to reduce the bond-buying programmes introduced to bolster economies at the height of the ...


Second guessing the second-round effects

We think the bar for the Fed NOT to announce a taper in November is high and has not been reached despite the disappointing payroll report for November.

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Pay them and they will come?

The needles on the indicators of investment sentiment are all pointing down.


Genetics: An exciting and investable theme

Depending on how long ago you last attended a biology lesson, messenger RNA (‘mRNA’) was probably not a term many of us would have been particularly familiar with a couple of years ago.

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Inflation: Transitory for longer

Increasing consumer demand, raw material shortages and prolonged supply chain disruptions have conspired to ensure inflation remains abnormally elevated, but we still believe this backdrop will ultim ...