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Research & Investment Strategy

Coronavirus – tracking the path, anticipating the impact

Just over a month since the new coronavirus – known as 2019-nCoV – was officially recognised there is only so much we can say about its likely impact. However, we can examine some plaus ...

Macro insights

US Fed and EU summit in focus

The US Federal Reserve meeting on Wednesday will be the market focus in an otherwise relatively quiet week.

Macro insights

ECB lowers growth outlook, while US activity rebounds

At its March meeting, the European Central Bank (ECB) made sizeable downward revisions to growth and inflation

Macro insights

US retail sales fall, UK Prime Minister defeated again and Spain to head back to the polls

The US ended last week with a bang, while Spain's Prime Minister has called for a snap election

Macro insights

Long-awaited US data, dovish central banks and Spanish politics

Following the 35-day government shutdown, the US begins publishing data on the economy again this week

Macro insights

Positive earnings, a patient Fed, a soft start for Europe

As expected the euro area ended 2018 on a weak note, growing by 0.2% quarter on quarter

Macro insights

Weak Eurozone data, a reopened US government and ongoing Brexit drama

The US begins an important week, but faces it with a re-opened government

Macro insights

Brexit deja vu, slowing Chinese growth and a record US shutdown

This week the US Federal government will have been shut down for more than a month, far longer than the previous 16-day record.

Macro insights

Positive trade talks in China, political drama in the UK and disappointing data in Europe

The UK begins a week that promises political drama, and threatens political crisis