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Rosenberg equities
10 minute read

Value returns: Bringing the “multi” back to multi-factor

Long-suffering factor investors may only be willing to whisper it, but the data say it loud and clear: value is back.

Rosenberg equities
10 minute read

Real rates and factor performance

US 10-year Treasury yields have risen by more than 0.70% so far in 2021.

Rosenberg equities

Perspectives - Global Equities

Global stocks were sharply higher in the fourth quarter of 2020 as three separate vaccines were found to be effective against the coronavirus and a number of countries swiftly started inoculations.

Responsible investment

How to blend factors to invest sustainably

How do you like your coffee? Whatever you prefer, all coffees contain a small number of key ingredients. Factor investing may sound complex, but in essence, it’s nothing new. For decades, investors h ...

Rosenberg equities

Global Factor Views

Despite Covid-19 lockdowns being eased in many countries, the crisis continues to hinder global economic activity. Authorities across the world have mounted a significant response using a combination ...

Rosenberg equities

The language of a crisis

Alongside rigorous financial statement analysis, the detailed evaluation of text data has become an important part of Rosenberg Equities’ research and investment process.

Rosenberg equities

Rosenberg Global Equities Perspectives

Global equities had a strong final quarter of the year, with the MSCI World Index advancing 8.3% in dollar terms, the announcement of a ‘Phase One’ trade deal between the US and China and a reduction ...


Carbon reduction: Moving away from carbon footprint towards carbon footpath

As concerns surrounding climate change continue to intensify, equity investors increasingly need to understand how this could impact their investment portfolios. In addition to obvious financial conc ...

Rosenberg equities

Perspectives Global Equities - Q3 2019

Markets were given a boost early in the quarter when the US Federal Reserve (the Fed) cut interest rates and central banks globally maintained supportive monetary policies.

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