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Iggo's insight

Where curves cross

Inflation and the most recent COVID wave might be near to their peaks.


Bretton Woods 2.2?

After the December inflation print, a March lift-off for the Federal Reserve (Fed) Funds has become our central scenario.


Starting with a bang

The Fed started 2022 with a clear hawkish message

Iggo's insight

Beware the sirens’ call

The decision to put cash into markets this year depends on when investors think the interest rate cycle is properly priced.


Santa is a hawk

More sanitary restrictions emerging as Omicron spreads.

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Ouch and happy holidays

The central banks are coming.

Iggo's insight

Follow the curves

This week the UK government announced measures that tip the country slightly back in the direction of lockdown in response to the threat posed by high existing levels of COVID-19 infections

Responsible investment

Playing with fire: Measuring emissions from the world’s oil and gas fields

An assessment of greenhouse gas intensity and practices around venting and flaring at oil and gas producers should be a central part of any climate engagement for an active responsible investor.


Has Powell Just Killed Inflation?

Market-based inflation expectations fell swiftly following Powell’s hawkish speech – possibly even too much.