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Heading somewhere

Everybody should have an argument with themselves and with others now and again. Arguments rarely end in absolute agreement.

Research & Investment Strategy

COVID-19 update: A disinflationary shock - Part 1

Sifting through the inflation debate: Price dispersal, complexities and a system-wide approach


Macrocast Podcast #15 - US Policy-makers looking for a plan B

Responsible investment

Strategic Asset Allocation for a +1.5°C World: a proposed framework

Climate change is material risk - Global warming poses long-term physical risks as the climate changes, as well as nearer term risks as the energy sector shifts from fossil fuels to low-carbon altern ...


US Policy-makers looking for a plan B

The impact on US activity of states delaying reopening or re-imposing restrictions is starting to show in some real-time data

Responsible investment

AXA IM Taskforce for Climate-related Financial Disclosure Report highlights

Quant Lab

AXA IM Glide Path: Efficient and flexible design towards retirement

The shift from DB to DC plans is a major trend in global pension markets. Target-date strategies, the default investment solution for most DC plans, will be subject to heavier saver protection regula ...


Macrocast Podcast #14 - Job protection and demand management


Job protection and demand management

With some US states rolling back on the relaxation in covid containment measures, the mechanical rebound in economic activity may be less spectacular than expected.