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CEOs must drive cultural change to tackle the ‘Great Resignation’

It is clear the pandemic has dramatically transformed the way employees now view their workplace and employers must adapt to the new normal

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Pull to par

Bond yields are still low relative to current inflation and to their history. As such, there isn’t much bullishness around fixed income.


Soft-ish landing (with luck)

The Bank of England’s hike accompanied by the forecast of a recession next year should be a warning for central banks elsewhere in their quest for a “painless tightening”.

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In the thick of the tightening

The Fed is doing a good job now, putting up rates along the path that it has successfully set out for the market.

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Back to which future?

It would be extraordinary if advanced economies had reverted to the price and wage setting behaviours of forty years ago in the space of just one year.


Macron 2.0

E. Macron’s second mandate will likely start with the prolongation of the Keynesian/interventionist stance of the last 2 years, although the financial room for manoeuvre is smaller.

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Soft landing anyone?

Market pricing and economic forecasts currently point to a soft landing in the US.

Fixed income

Inflation was already hot, but the Ukraine war risks making it more durable

While the war in Ukraine has pushed many commodities prices higher, inflation was already about more than only food and oil.

Market thinking

Ukraine crisis update: The outlook for financial markets, global growth and inflation

Four AXA IM experts outline their thoughts on the impact of the crisis on markets, the global macroeconomic outlook, the path of inflation and emerging markets.