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Research & Investment Strategy

India: Growth returns, but challenges remain

Policy is supportive but COVID-19 and geopolitics weigh on the country’s outlook

The Evolving Economy

Cyber Monday: 4 razones que explican el auge de las ventas ‘online’

El fenómeno del “Cyber Monday” surgió como el equivalente digital del “Black Friday” de Estados Unidos, creado por los comercios minoristas para promover las compras a través de internet.

Market thinking

What investors should expect in 2021: The key areas shaping markets

Most of us are understandably looking forward to seeing 2020 in the rear-view mirror.


Fiscal Forward Guidance

The current EU fiscal surveillance framework is probably ill-suited to guide governments through their “exit strategy” from the ongoing extraordinary policy stimulus.

Iggo's insight

See the light

Stock markets reached record highs before the Thanksgiving holiday.

Market thinking

Where can investors potentially seek income in today’s low yielding environment?

The coronavirus pandemic has created uncertainty no matter what your investment objective.

Responsible investment

Green bonds: How active management aims to make the most of a dynamic sector

The market for financing linked to environmentally friendly projects and companies is heading rapidly towards the $1trn mark.

The Evolving Economy

Cyber Monday: 4 reasons online sales are surging

Cyber Monday evolved as the digital equivalent of US shopping holiday ‘Black Friday’, as retailers encouraged people to shop online.

Fixed income

Inflation linked bonds: Why we have upped our exposure following the US election

The extraordinary monetary and fiscal support from central banks in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic has been welcome news for investors.