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Iggo's insight

More Jabs needed

Inflation and Omicron pose major concerns for investors and policy makers as 2021 draws to a close.

Iggo's insight

Mind the gap

The gap between realised inflation and the contemporaneous level of bond yields has never been higher


How to stop a house fire

US “excess demand for goods” played a key role in the emergence of global bottlenecks

Iggo's insight

Six and out?

Inflation dominates the investment backdrop but we have been reminded this week that COVID can still play a role in how the macro outlook unfolds.


Powell’s Curve

COP26: rendez-vous in Sharm El-Sheikh

Iggo's insight

Everything’s going green

The world is probably not on track yet to preventing global temperatures rising by more than 1.5oC above pre-industrial levels.


Words and action

The message from COP26 may be that we need to focus less on generic pledges and more on implementation.

Research & Investment Strategy

Tapering, profit and equity prices

Is a market correction unavoidable when the Fed starts tapering?

Responsible investment

A climate change conundrum: Is there a sweet spot for natural gas in the energy transition?

When burned, natural gas derived from methane emits far less CO₂ than coal. However, if released directly into the atmosphere, it has a far higher warming potential