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Iggo's insight

Pricing ESG risk (or not)

Risks associated with the environmental, social and governance profile of a business are not quantified in a standardised way across the investment industry.

Research & Investment Strategy

Europe’s path to net zero

Deciphering Europe’s ambitions, actions and ability to reach net zero

Responsible investment

Should responsible investors only consider ‘green leaders’?

Instinctively, we are tempted to think that a responsible investor will categorically refuse to invest in companies that pollute or are too resource-intensive

10 minute read

Message in a bottleneck?

The disappointing US labor market data last week are read in the wider context of supply-side bottlenecks, which could fuel the debate on tapering.

Iggo's insight

A new commodity boom

Commodity prices are booming. This is consistent with strong growth, equity outperformance and rising long-term yields.

Fixed income

Inflation is hot news in 2021, but a cool down may be round the corner

Expectations of higher inflation have increased steadily over the past few months as countries worldwide roll out coronavirus vaccinations and fiscal stimulus remains strong.

10 minute read

The Atlantic gap widened

While the US GDP is less than 1% below its pre-pandemic level, the Euro area fell back in recession.

Iggo's insight

A view from the markets – Sunny with distant clouds

The world remains almost perfect for equities. Growth is strong and earnings are rising.

Responsible investment

EU Taxonomy: a pathway to superior corporate sustainability

Climate change is arguably the greatest challenge the world currently faces.